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28 April 2020 - 12 May 2020
SEREN4 H2020 Secure Societies Workshop, Training, Info Day & Brokerage event

SEREN4 Horizon 2020 Secure Societies 

ONLINE Training, Workshop, Info Day, and Brokerage Event  

Following online events will be organized by the Network of Secure Societies National Contact Points – SEREN4.

28.04.2020, 10:00-12:00 CET; ONLINE Training: How to deal with the Security issues in SC7

28.04.2020, 14:00-16:00 CET; ONLINE Workshop on cybersecurity


12.05.2020, 10:00-16:00 CET; 2nd ONLINE H2020 Secure Societies European Information day and brokerage event

The last Secure Societies Calls under Horizon 2020 have been published mid March 2020 and foreseen budget of the calls is 275 mln EUR.

During the Info Day details on Community of Users and Networks of Practitioners will be presented.

The brokerage event will be organized via the online features of B2match system.
This means you will be able to have your face-to-face meetings from wherever you are currently working. All you need to have is laptop/computer with stable internet connection, microphone/headset (mandatory) and web camera (not mandatory). From organizational point of view:

  • a PDF tutorial on how to run online meetings is available on our website, please also check this VIDEO
  • you also need to update your time zone with your own time zone, otherwise all meeting hours will be displayed in the event's time zone

Last H2020 Secure Societies calls offer new research funding opportunities to research institutions, universities, industries, SMEs, civil society organizations and other security stakeholders. Participation in the event is free of charge.   

Main topics

  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Disaster Resilience: Safeguarding and securing society
  • Fight Against Crime and Terrorism
  • Border Security and External Security
  • General Matters on Security
  • Artificial Intelligence and Security
  • Digital Security

Why to participate

  • Information about the calls
  • Networking opportunities
  • Presentation of your project idea possibilites
  • Answers to your questions linked to call areas
  • Details on the legal and procedural condition


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