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28 Apr 2020 - 12 May 2020
SEREN4 H2020 Secure Societies Workshop, Training, Info Day & Brokerage event

Researchers, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders are invited to present their pitch presentations addressing one of the topics from the 2020 Work Programme of Societal Challenge 7 "Secure Societies - Protecting freedom and security of Europe and its citizens".

We invite all interested parties to submit their pitches, with voiceover if possible, to be uploaded for the online bilateral meetings that will take place on 12.05.2020. Tutorial on how to record a slide show presentation can be found HERE.

The pitches will be screened in advance of the event. Selection will be based on the presentations' relevance to the 2020 topics and the degree of general interest based on an assessment of the participants. The presentations should follow the rules enclosed in the template and ideally be held by the entity that intends to coordinate the proposal or would like to be a partner in a such proposal.

If you wish to hold a flash presentation during the brokerage event, please download the template HERE or from Resources bar (bottom right of this page) and submit your presentation to Mr. MikoĊ‚aj Pyczak with a final deadline of May 6 2020 (Wednesday). Presentations failing to follow the template and the instructions therein, especially presentations exceeding the allowable number of slides, may be rejected without further consideration of their content or quality.


Closed since 11 May 2020

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Participants 410
Meetings 319


Austria 14
Belgium 30
Bosnia And Herzegovina 1
Bulgaria 4
Croatia 1
Cyprus 8
Czech Republic 6
Denmark 3
Estonia 18
Finland 13
France 53
Georgia 1
Germany 16
Greece 27
Hungary 7
Ireland 7
Israel 18
Italy 95
Latvia 7
Lithuania 5
Luxembourg 1
North Macedonia 4
Malta 5
Netherlands 6
Norway 9
Poland 34
Portugal 1
Romania 29
Serbia 2
Slovakia 17
Spain 129
Sweden 1
Switzerland 9
Tunisia 3
Turkey 73
Ukraine 5
United Kingdom 21
Total 683


Company 222
University 162
R&D Institution 120
Association/Agency 29
Authority/Government 79
Other 37
Consulting 34
Total 683